Cheese Subscription - Helena

Cheese Subscription - Helena

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Once a month (June through September), you'll get to pick up a selection of our best cheeses of the season. Every pick-up will have 3 different cheeses and be an assortment of:

Fresh Cheese Packages: Ricotta, Lula (chocolate mousse), Curds (plain or flavored), Feta, Aurora (plain or flavored farmer's cheese)
Semi-soft Wheels: Zephyr (bloomy rind), Petrichor (young blue cheese), Juliette (pungent washed rind)
Hard Cheese Wedges: Harbinger (beer washed, nutty), Juniper (rich and savory), Bjerg (dry and tangy), Erstwhile (grassy and mild), Olwen (classic and fudgy)

Pick-up Location
Helena Farmer’s Market

Pick-up Dates
June 27th
July 25th
August 22nd
September 26th